• September 7, 2014
    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Our man in Oslo, FRED LAMMERS, has given his heart, art, and soul to the international surf music community and beyond.

Fred will be visiting the Bay Area in September, and we’re throwing a little two-part shindig to pay our respect to the man who’s spent countless hours creating images that make us all look good…

FredFest East features (in no particular order)…

Frankie & The Pool Boys – Surf band, party band. There’s five of them, they only gig when the drummer flies in from Japan. They all play in other bands that you might have heard of (The Surf Coasters, The TomorrowMen, Meshugga Beach Party, Pollo Del Mar, The Gregors) if you are familiar with the tiny cult that is instro-mental surf music. They sure know about you– you dance to the surf beat, you dig tunes without all those dumb lyrics and you’re always prepared to have a good time.
So, who are “Frankie & the Pool Boys” really? Just a bunch of teenage idiots without a care in the world. They have fake I.D.s, day jobs cleaning your pool, and a night shift parking cars, fake I.D.s. They’ve got a ‘72 Mustang (w/ 8-Track) that will be rolling any day now, a date with your daughter next Friday and big, big plans for the future.

The TomorrowMen – Stopping in 1963 to get some gear, then making a pit stop in 1977 right when punk rock exploded, these 4 marooned time travelers – The TomorrowMen from 3000AD – finally landed here in the present to play HIFI Instro surf music like no one else today.

Meshugga Beach Party – Meshugga Beach Party brings together many favorite Jewish melodies with the fun, retro-cool sounds of surf music. The band puts on an exciting, high energy live show – dressed like rabbis, synchronized dance moves, the “dead joke scrolls” – it’s surfin’ shtick at its finest. The band features guitars, piano, organ, bass and drums, and the occasional holler for good measure.

Meshugga Beach Party has been playing around the Bay Area since 2003, appearing in places as varied as Jewish heritage festivals, local traditions like Bay to Breakers, and hipster havens like Lebowski Fest, Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge and the Hubba Hubba Burlesque Revue. Live performances of the band have also been a hit on the web, with their “Hava Nagila /Misirlou” clip garnering over 500,000 viewings on sites like YouTube and Yahoo video.

Beachkrieg – Marooned on a tropical island after their troopship was torpedoed by a French Submarine in 1914, Baron Von Krieg (Farfisa), Sgt. Pfeffer (Guitar, Euphonium & Überboard) & Peter Dresden (Drums), discovered the foot stomping sound of Surf, and the rest is history. Still sporting their spiked helmets and uniforms on stage, they do not speak much, except to count down the songs, bark orders for more beer, or tell jokes about the French. During their raucous sets they blitz through one song after another in a flurry of plastic army men launched into the audience from a mini-catapult, tuba assaults, and trivia about WW1 — because they are completely unaware of WW2: “As far as we’re concerned, it’s 1914,” says the Baron. “Adolf Who?”
Event time: 2pm – 5pm
$5 donation at the door

***Be sure to check out FredFest West on Winters Tavern on Saturday, September 13. An 8-band extravaganza! ***

Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge