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Kill Devil Club

“Kill devil” is the colonial term for rum. “Club” is the standard term for “exclusive organization.” Hence, The Kill Devil Club is Forbidden Island’s elite team of super-sippers that successfully swill their way through our 99+ premium bottles of rum from around the world, one of the largest rum selection in the world!

There are two levels to the Kill Devil Club. The standard collection of 99+ rums from around the world and the Kill Devil 2.0, featuring hard to find, allocated, rare and rums aged 10 years and older

Once they’ve completed their mission and every distinctive shot has been recorded in their personal file, a special plaque is forever posted behind the bar on the special rum shelf, in honor of their heroic service in the name of Life, Liberty, and Libation. They are also rewarded with a bottle of their favorite rum PLUS  lifetime VIP status, which includes a 10% discount on every visit and early entrance to our premier events!

So get a list, start today and become a Kill Devil Member, with VIP benefits that will last a lifetime!


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