Kill Devil Club

“Kill devil” is the colonial term for rum. “Club” is the standard term for “exclusive organization.” Hence, The Kill Devil Club is Forbidden Island’s elite team of super-sippers that successfully swill their way through our 99+ premium bottles of rum from around the world, one of the largest rum selection in the world!

For too long, rum inhabited the public conscience as a “party liquor”.  When we opened our doors in 2006, having an extensive rum program in the US was nearly unheard of since the mid-century boom of Tiki. We actively sought out hard-to-find bottles, and built a premium rum program to educate our guests.  Ask your server about our rum program (one of the oldest in the country). We offer upwards of 150 sugar cane spirits spanning the globe, including several from right here in the Bay Area.  

There are two levels to the Kill Devil Club. The standard collection of 100 rums from around the world and the Kill Devil 2.0, featuring hard to find, allocated, rare and rums aged 10 years and older.

These rums can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. If you’d like them in a cocktail, you have a few options.

Classic Mai Tai (+$3) – Lime juice, orange curacao, and housemade orgeat, along with 2 oz of the premium rum of your choice, incorporated into the quintessential Tiki cocktail, born in Oakland. 

Traditional Daiquiri (+$2) – The ultimate trinity in tropical cocktails is rum, lime, and sugar. This is a simple way to showcase a rum, while still enjoying a cool, refreshing drink.

Ti Punch (+$1) – The Ti Punch (petit punch) is like a stripped-down daiquiri. A squeeze of lime, a barspoon of sugar, and your choice of rum. This is traditionally served without ice or dilution, but we are happy to ice it for you if you’d like.

We also offer a curated selection of flights. These consist of 3 specified 1 ounce pours instead of our standard 2 oz pour. They are a great way to start exploring, and if you are working on your personal Kill Devil List, they are a great way to kick-start your journey.

If you’d like to explore rum more thoroughly, you can start a “KD List” that we will keep on file here at the bar. There is no entry fee, and no time limit (this is a marathon, not a sprint), but the rewards are great. Once finishing our first list of 100+ rums, you will receive a custom plaque that you will put up on our rum shelf, a limited edition pin which gives you front-of-the-line privileges for all of big events, a 10% discount for life*, as well as bragging rights and the most fun education you could hope for. You will also gain access to our KD 2.0 List, which is a library collection of 50+ rare, allocated, long-aged, or otherwise noteworthy rums. If you decide to complete the 2.0 list you will be awarded a special Kill-Devil mug, strictly limited to those who complete the list.

So get a list, start today and become a Kill Devil Member, with VIP benefits that will last a lifetime!


Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge