Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have food?

Yes! We have a small menu of tasty fried appetizers and snacks, including Guacamole, chicken bites, coconut shrimp, corn-dogs., mozzarella & zuccini sticks as well as our famous waffle and sweet potato fries. Perfect for soaking up all that rum and fruit juice!

Where’s the Grey Goose?

We take pride in featuring locally made wines, beers, and spirits. That’s why we’re proud to offer Alameda’s own St. George and Hangar One vodka as our premium vodka choices. We also offer Alameda’s own Rockwall Winery as our only wine, and feature select microbrews from around the Bay Area. In addition, look for other great Bay Area brands, such as Mosswood Distillers (SF), Wright and Brown (Oakland), Reed and Lacey (Oakland) and Barbary Coast (Berkeley).

Do you really squeeze your own juice?

You bet we do. We juice our own lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit juice fresh in-house every day. There’s just no substitute for the flavor of fresh juice. You’ll never find sour mix, Rose’s, juice from a gun, or frozen concentrates at Forbidden Island. We also make our own syrups and grenadine with pure cane sugar- never corn syrup. Our cranberry juice is naturally sweetened pure cranberry juice (not cocktail) from Oakland’s own Voila Juice. And yes, even the maraschino cherries are naturally colored and flavored and contain no sulfites. We take this pretty seriously.

How do I book a private party? (NOTE: on hold during Covid times)

Forbidden Island is an ideal location for a private party and one you and your guests will never forget!  The bar, lush patio, and parking lot are
available for booking outside of regular business hours.

Can I bring the kids?

No! We are strictly 21 and over only. We hold a type 48 spirits/ bar license that mandates 21+ at all times and on all areas of the property, including the patio and exterior.  And yes, babies count as well, even if they (probably) won’t order a Mai Tai.

Can I at least bring my dog?

State law prohibits dogs in all dining areas of restaurants and other retail food businesses, except for police dogs and service animals. Dogs are usually welcome on our patio but not during the present Covid times outdoor seating arrangement, since the patio and tiki garden are for all purposes a full fledged dining area.

Why does the patio close so early?

It is a condition of our use-permit that the outdoor patio is to close no later than 9pm nightly as we are surrounded by residential property on all sides. Also: Please do not block any of our neighbors driveways when parking! Mahalo!

And why can’t I get any service out here?

One more thing about the patio: Because of the terms of our liquor license, we can’t have servers on the patio to take drink orders or deliver drinks or food. We really wish we could, but I’m afraid we can’t. Head back to bar for your orders, and we’ll drop the food and drinks on the end of the bar- remember to check back in before the chow gets chilly! (Of course, this is not applicable during the present Covid times, since we have been granted a license and use permit for outdoor seating and dining).

What’s with the dollars on the ceiling?

It started as a local tradition soon after we opened, and has been going strong ever since. In WWII, sailors shipping out to the Pacific would leave a dollar at their local bar to get a drink when they got back. Don’t forget to leave a message on them! Please note that they are not tips, and you should leave your tips on the bar for our hard working staff!!

Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge