Coconutty Creations

= Drink Strength

Chamborlada $16

Drink your dessert with this delicious combo of pineapple, coconut, rum, and Chambord!

Colada $13/ $15 (with liqueur)

You don’t need to get caught in the rain to love this beachy classic. Try it with one of our premium liqueurs. (Banana; Peach; Raspberry; Macadamian Nut)

Chi Chi $13/ $15 (with liqueur)

For the vodka-loving Tiki-philes, try this frozen mixture of Pau Maui Vodka, pineapple, and coconut, with the option to add a premium liqueur. (Banana; Peach; Raspberry; Macadamian Nut)

Funk Blaster $16

Miami Dave brings us this blend of coconut, lime, banana, Rum Fire, and Becherovka.

Monkeypod $15

White and dark rums swing together through a jungle of lime, tamarind, and coconut.

Tradewinds $14

This creamy and tart delight showcases two rums, apricot brandy, lemon, and coconut to great effect. It’ll blow you away!

Bitter, Spice, Everything Nice

Arrow In The Knee $16

I used to be an adventurer until I drank this potion of Hamilton 151, allspice, lime, and homemade fassionola. Limit two per person (you only have two knees!)

Jet Pilot $15

This supersonic blast of three rums, citrus, spice, and a hint of anise is from Steve Crane’s restaurant, The Luau, in 1953.

Merchant Grog$14

A bold and dry grog of two rums, lime, a touch of smoke, and other spices and wares.

Navy Grog $15

Robust, spicy, and bitter, this grog has three rums, citrus, a house blend of spice, and a bit of the ol’ heave-ho.

Red Sky Swizzle $16

Delight in this bitter, agricole rhum refresher. Citrus, homemade orgeat, CA Poppy amaro with a red “sky” of Peychaud’s bitters.


Juicy Fruit

Classic Mai Tai $14

The quintessential Tiki cocktail of Jamaican rum, fresh lime, homemade orgeat, and orange curacao was invented in 1944 at Trader Vic’s, Oakland.

Forbidden Island$16/40

Our signature grog is a friendly mix of lime, pineapple, two rums, and a secret blend of spices. Available in our signature Kapu Tiki mug.

Hurricane $15

Let this squall of column and pot still rums, citrus, and homemade fassionola tear its way through your thirst.

Infinite Coastline /$13/ $15

Blue waves of curacao wash into lemon, pineapple, and unaged rum. Feeling adventurous? “Fire it up” with overproof Rum Fire Jamaican Rum! (+$2)

Jungle Java $16

Awaken at first bell with this juicy mix of grapefruit, pineapple, John’s cold brew coffee, cinnamon, dark rum, and a splash of tequila.

Lei Lani Volcano $15

Our coconut rum hulas alongside guava, pineapple, and lime in this tropical creation from 70s-era Disney.

Rum Barrel$18

Citrus, tamarind, apricot, and pineapple swirl together with a proprietary blend of four rums in the cargo hold. Limit 2 per person

Sidewinder’s Fang $16

The house special at the gone but not forgotten Lanai restaurant in San Mateo. Imbibe history with this biting mix of lime, orange, passion fruit, and fine, dark rums.


Good Things, Small Packages

Driftwood $15

Ingredients from across the globe have drifted together for this melange of Svol Aquavit, Avua Cachaca, lemon, banana, and orange bitters.

Fruitbat Daiquiri $14

Quench your inner sky-puppy with a balanced meal of lime (juice), pineapple (rum), and banana (liqueur).

Hemingway Daiquiri$14

Papa’s punch adds grapefruit juice and a touch of maraschino liqueur to the classic trio of rum, lime, and sugar.

Man o’ War $14

This riff on an old fashioned showcases our house rum blend with stingers of coffee, fruit, and bitters.

Bombo $14

A simple way to enjoy our exclusive barrel of cask strength agricole rum with a touch of brown sugare and a dustiung of nutmeg.


Rum-Less (No Judgement)

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a $15

Drink like a triggerfish! Fid Street Hawaiian Gin, lemon, pineapple, and homemade orgeat are perfect for calm waters.

Naughty Coati $16

This mischievous mezcal cocktail of lemon, peach, passion fruit, and honey plots against you with habanero bitters.

Port Light $15

Let the light in with some bourbon, lemon, passion fruit, and grenadine. Simple, tart, and irresistible.

Viking Mai Tai $15

The classic combo of lime, orgeat, and curacao ride in a Viking longship with savory Svol Aquavit. Thor Heyerdahl would approve!


Shared Experiences

Fugu For Two $30

A delicacy for date night. Vodka, pot still rum, lemon, passion fruit, pineapple, and stone fruit.

Rite Of Passage $40

Bowl drinks are a rite of passage for Tiki initiates, but it’s not hard to overcome this combo of lime, guava, rye, gin, smoke, and spices.

Giant Scorpion$60

Citrus, orgeat, and sparkling wine pave the way for the rum and brandy that will sting your very soul. Serves 4-6.

Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge