Famous Tiki Bar Tributes

Famous Tiki Bar Tributes

= Drink Strength

Jet Pilot  

A supersonic blast from the past landing safely on our island direct from Steve Crane’s original restaurant, the Luau, which opened in Beverly Hills in 1953. Spices, citrus and several potent rums will definitely keep you flying high.

Mr. Bali Hai  

An enticingly exotic elixir created in 1955 at the Bali Hai Restaurant, Shelter Island, Sand Diego, named after their famous mascot. Bring your own Mr. Bali Hai mug and we’ll fill it with this rum-based coffee liqueur cocktail.

Nui Nui  

One of Don the Beachcomber’s greatest, featuring allspice liqueur and our house-made cinnamon vanilla syrup, perfectly balanced with fresh citrus, in a timelessly tantalizing tribute to the master of mixology.

Shrunken Skull  

A mid-century masterpiece from the voodoo vaults of the legendary Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale, served with a flaming shot of overproof rum on the side, this classic one-two combo will rattle your bones.

Sidewinder’s Fang  

The houses special at the gone but not forgotten Lanai restaurant in San Mateo. Imbibe the glorious past with this biting mix of lime, orange, passion fruit and fine dark rums.

Tropical Itch  

Scratch that thirsty itch with our other cocktail created by Harry Yee of Hawaiian Village Hotel in Waikiki. Passion fruit takes center stage in this truly traditional island cocktail with rum and bourbon. Served with a souvenir backscratcher that is yours to keep!


Don the Beachcomber’s most famous creation, this lethal combination of rums and juices – the original witch doctor’s prescription – never fails to raise the dead. WARNING: This dangerous drink bites back and infects you with its voodoo spell!

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