Forbidden island isn’t just a bar… we’ve had live shows, fun events and all sorts of other things happening all the time. Here’s a collection of awesome videos to give you just a taste of what’s gone on here over the years!
Please note that since Covid, our business model has changed and we are no longer doing live music or DJ gigs.

Birth of a Tiki Bar

FirePixie dancer at 2008 Forbidden Island Luau

Tiki Oasis 12 …Spies in the Lounge

The Deadbeats/Pool Boys perform “Yozori No Hoshi” Live@Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge 03/24/12

Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge “Back To The 40’s Pre-Oscars Party” Newsreel 02/20/2011

Forbidden Island Promo Reel

Doom Buggy Hellride – Aloha Screwdriver

Our Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge 4th Annual Luau Experience 2011!

The Deadbeats perform “Los Angeles No Nisei Matsuri” Live@Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge 03/24/12

Frankie & The Pool Boys “Amber Waves” Live@Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge 03/24/12

Virgin Sacrifice – Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge

Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge