Golden Age (Pre-1960’s)

Cocktail Classics

= Drink Strength


Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans has credit for this heady mix of tart fruit juices and Fassionola lashed with dark rum.

151 Swizzle   

This simple mix of spice, lime, and overproof rum over crushed ice packs a serious wallop.

Vicious Virgin   

Served at the grand opening of Al’s Tavern in 1951, this is likely the first tiki drink ever served right here at 1304 Lincoln Ave. Two rums, lime, falernum, and Cointreau bring mid-century flavor to modern palates.

Demerara Dry Float   

This lime and passion fruit concoction feature both standard AND overproof Demerara rums.

Mr. Bali Hai  

An enticing elixir of rum, brandy, lime, pineapple, and hint of coffee is named for the mascot of San Diego’s Bali Hai Restaurant.

Jet Pilot   

The supersonic blast of three rums, citrus, spice, and a hint of anise is from Steve Crane’s restaurant, The Luau, in 1953.

Missionary’s Downfall   

This minty delight is blended up with pineapple, white rum, peach brandy, and lime juice. Who could say no?

Shrunken Skull   

A voodoo masterpiece from the legendary Man Kai in Ft. Lauderdale. A cocktail with two rums, lime, grenadine, and bitters is sure to rattle your bones.

Tropical Itch   

Passion fruit takes center stage with rum, bourbon, and more tropical fruit to soothe your thirst. Served with your very own back scratcher!

Island of Martinique  

Lime, honey and falernum accentuate the grassy Clement agricole rhum beneath.

Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge